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Septic Tank Alarms in Penticton, Summerland, and Naramata

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Septic Tank Alarms can be Alarming… but don’t panic, Call Pilot Electric Instead.

Serving the Okanagan region, with a focus in Naramata, Penticton, and Summerland.

If you have a septic system newer than 20 years old, it likely has an alarm to notify the homeowner of a potential overflow problem. It’s not always convenient when any kind of alarm goes off, especially when it forces you to think about your septic system. However, if left unattended, the system may quickly back up and into the house. No fun. So while regular tank pumping and maintenance certainly helps, its no guarantee the system won’t eventually alarm and back up. While most people fear their septic field need replacement, this is very rare. The leach fields of most modern homes will likely outlast the homes themselves or be good for at least 30-50 years. Conversely, the electric control, alarm and effluent pumping systems have a much shorter shelf lives and the many moving and sensitive alarm components are more prone to failure. So if the tank alarm sounds, what should you do and what does this have to do with an electrician?

What To Do When the Septic Tank Alarms Sound in the Okanagan

Well, the first thing to realize is that when the electrical septic control system fails, it is the hinge pin of the entire system. Without a functional effluent pump you may not have much time before sewage is backing up into your home. Other water and plumbing related failures may trigger the alarm, however these types of faults are usually caused by too much water being used in the home or groundwater seeping into the tank.

Step 1: Stop using any water and silence the alarm.

Step 2: Call your electrician (250-496-0003) to diagnose the control and alarm system. At a minimum, you’ll at least rule out an electrical fault as the source of the problem.

Your Septic System May NOT Have Been Installed Correctly

While age, wear and tear or just plain old neglect can contribute to faults in the septic control and alarm system, sometimes the system was never installed correctly in the first place. This certainly was the case in a recent call Pilot Electric attended to for a very grateful out of town homeowner in Naramata. The homeowner complained of periodical, almost random, tripping of their septic alarm system. Luckily the septic alarm system was already connected to their home security system and they were notified of the issue even though they were not at the home. After a thorough diagnosis of the whole septic electrical control and alarm system, it was found that an installation and design fault was at the core of the problem. The electrical control and alarm system connections had been installed improperly making them subject to corrosive sewer gases. Luckily our electricians were able to remediate and relocate the system connections, before it failed completely.

You May be Overdue for an Electrical Maintenance Call

While regular routine pumping and cleaning of your septic tank is a sound practice, don’t forget about the electrical control system that makes it all work too! Consider you may be overdue for a preventative maintenance call by a licensed electrician as well. Unlike commercial septic control systems, there is no backup effluent pump and the only failsafe is the alarm.  If you own a second vacation home with a septic alarm, perhaps consider installing a remote notification system for added peace of mind. Pilot Electric Services can offer you several solutions for remote alarm notifications systems, either via security system or even sent right to your mobile phone. We can even install secondary backup effluent pump systems so you’re never left without a flushing toilet! Our preventative service, warranty and maintenance packages go a long way to ensuring your home in the South Okanagan remains septic alarm and worry free.

Book your next call with Pilot Electric for Residential Electrical Services in Penticton, Summerland and Naramata… and rediscover the golden era of in flight service today!

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