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Okanagan Summer Sizzle Got You Sweltering? Time for a Heat Pump or Air Conditioner!

Cooling Systems
August might almost be over, but the heat continues. If a ceiling fan (which we install too!) isn’t cutting through the heat for you, it may be time to bring in the big guns and get some proper air conditioning. Your local HVAC contractor can help you out with the bulk of the install. If you don’t already know one, ask us for some of our recommendations. But dont forget you’ll need a good local Penticton electrician to help out too!

Air Conditioner, Heat Pump or Ductless: What’s the Difference Anyways?

If all of the jargon out there about heat pumps and air conditioners has got you confused, you’re not alone. Without getting technical basically an air conditioner simply pulls heat out of your house and disposes of it outside. Air conditioners are typically more economical to install and maintain, but are less efficient and have higher electricity costs. Heat pumps do the same thing however, in the colder months can run in reverse and actually put heat back inside the home saving on your heating bill. They have a higher upfront cost, but are more energy efficient in the long run. Both air conditioners and heat pumps use your furnace and ductwork to distribute the cool air throughout your home. Ductless systems, however do not require a central furnace and are a good option for those who have heat through electric baseboards or wood heat. Ductless systems come with a higher initial investment, but are extremely efficient over their lifespan. They are also scalable, so you can start by putting cooling into 1 or 2 rooms and then add more later.
 Cooling Systems - Residential AC Naramata | Pilot Electric Services

Power Requirements for Summertime Residential Cooling Systems

Regardless of whatever system you decide on, understand that it will put additional stress and strain on your electrical system. Although not common, that additional strain can cause overheating, premature breaker failure and/or fire. Older homes are especially at risk as they often have electrical systems and panels that have been neglected or are simply obsolete. In addition to the age of the electrical system,  the existing capacity of your power panel may be a factor as well. Again older homes often did not anticipate all of the modern day appliances and cooling equipment we now enjoy, though newer homes can also have this issue. In some cases you may even need to upgrade your electrical service and meter. Have your local electrician perform an electrical systems diagnosis and assessment and find out where you stand. Better yet, call your professional Penticton electrician at Pilot Electric Services to advise you on this.
 Cooling Systems - Residential AC Naramata | Pilot Electric Services

Get the Right Electrical Products for Your Home with Our Honest Pricing Pledge

So you’ve decided on your system, and you know your panel can handle it, just hook it up and get your chill on right? Not so fast, did you know that motor loads like air conditioners and heat pumps can draw up to TEN TIMES their normal power consumption upon start up? That’s right, and when the system delivering that power to that machine has been sized for the bare minimum capacity allowed it causes undue strain and wear. Sure it will cool you down, but it’s likely working a lot harder than it needs to and that means more maintenance and a shorter lifespan for your investment. That’s why at Pilot Electric Services we give our customers choices. Maybe you’ve invested in the best cooling system on the market; wouldn’t you want the best power system to match? Perhaps, you’re on a budget and you just need it powered up as economically as possible? Or you might find yourself somewhere in between, balancing your budget against getting something a bit better than the bare minimum? And wouldn’t it be convenient to know what all of those different options would cost upfront before the work gets under way? Well if you called the pros at Pilot Electric you’d be in luck, because that’s exactly how we do it! Check out our “Honest Pricing Pledge” and see how the Pilot difference just makes us better.


For cooling in Penticton, Summerland & Naramata, give Pilot Electric Services a call! We will help you make the right decision the first time, then install it to our exceedingly high standards!

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