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Commercial Dishwasher Meltdown: Our Naramata Electrician to the Rescue!

Electrical Services Dishwasher Failure

We all love the modern convenience of our home appliances don’t we? The ease with which they make arduous chores, like dishwashing, a thing of the past. It couldn’t be more true in the commercial world, where these machines are more than a mere convenience, they are an essential part of the daily business operations. So what does a thriving local wine shop do when their commercial dishwasher goes down in the middle of tourist season? Well, they call the professionals at Pilot Electric Service of course!

Our Expert In-Flight Service Co-Pilot Ryan Walker taking care and laying down protective drop sheets

Appliance Failure - Electricians Naramata | Pilot Electric


When Appliances Break Down, Our Penticton Electricians Fix It Fast!

There’s nothing more satisfying (and worthy of superhero status) than coming to the rescue of a customer in urgent need. This was certainly the case for us when Elephant Island Winery called on an electrician from Pilot Electric to come out last week. The old dishwasher, after thousands of dutiful cycles of glass washing had finally given up. The new unit to replace it required an upgraded power line, and they needed it quick! The heat outside was rising and there were lots of thirsty tourists anxiously waiting to sample the excellent and unique fruit wines offered by Elephant Island. Hand washing the glasses was exhausting for the tasting room attendants, and they were struggling to keep up. We saw to the matter promptly, providing a range of options and up front pricing to the customer before proceeding with the work, as a professional does. Our Electrician on-duty then strapped on his flight suit and sprang into action. The work was completed quickly, expertly and with everything cleaned up and back as it was before the shop was set to open that day. This was nothing out of the ordinary of course, our “Leave-No-Trace” policy ensures we leave nothing behind other than an expert installation and a happy customer! As an added bonus gesture, we even updated the old illegible panel schedule with a nicely typed out and professional looking one, so no one would have to struggle to read it again. The job had gone so well, we decided we’d throw that one in for free, just to say “thank you” to the great folks at Elephant Island Wines for choosing Pilot Electric Services.

Wine delivery anyone?

Appliance Failure - Electricians Naramata | Pilot Electric

How Does Pilot Electric Prevent Electrical Problems Before They Happen?

Like the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Be sure to check the owner’s manuals for all of your essential equipment. Make it an annual routine habit, and do so at least a month in advance of your business’ busy season. Keep good maintenance records so you know how old your equipment is and when it might be getting close to the end of its normal life cycle. You’ll likely pay much more dearly for that new bar cooler in the middle of August when you need it the most, not to mention the disruption to your operations. In spite of the best laid plans however, “stuff” happens and its impossible to prevent all such breakdowns from ever occurring. Thats why Pilot Electric Services offers both Residential & Commercial Service and Warranty Plans for both home owners and business owners alike. With our service and warranty plans, when you have an emergency, you’re a top priority customer. Our front of the line “Priority Pass” ensures we’ll get you back on the runway and in the air as quickly as possible. Additionally, we’ll come out every year and run a full diagnostics systems check to ensure everything is ready for the season and catch any potential wear and tear issues before they become a problem. Its just one of the many ways we stand behind our customers.

Our gracious wine shop host, Mellisa shares in the joys of plastic film removal…almost as satisfying as popping bubble wrap!

When you are ready for the quality of service you deserve from an electrical company, there is only one place to turn. Located in Naramata, Pilot Electric will alleviate any electrical problems you experience in Summerland, Penticton, or Naramata with tact and efficiency! Call us at (250) 496-0003 today!

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