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Okanagan Commercial LED Track and Display Lighting…. Pilot Electric Does That!

Electrical Services LED Track Lighting

Sometimes you move into your new home or commercial space and everything is perfect – you have the right layout, then the colours and lighting all fall right into place. However, more commonly, things are less than ideal and some changes and upgrades are required. This was certainly the case recently when Little Long Studios reached out to us in need of a good, local Penticton Electrician to help them with some track lighting for their new gallery space.

Want to Land More Customers? Better Light the Runway! Penticton Electricians Here to Help

Good commercial display lighting can make all the difference in a retail space. Well laid out and designed, commercial track lighting and other retail lighting is inviting, airy and puts the emphasis on the products being sold. Your wares deserve to be the star of your store and along with good placement, appropriate lighting will pave the way to better sales. By contrast, dim, poorly lit shops may appear unwelcoming or even dirty. Sometimes even giving the appearance of the shop being closed and driving customers away! At other times, the space may be well lit, but with poor quality light such as the washed out colours from fluorescent lights. When Jan Little and Jenny Long stood back and looked at their recently acquired Penticton Main Street location, they knew they had a problem. The vast sea of fluorescent lights was not going to show and sell their art the way they needed it to. The two very talented long standing local artists knew they had a stellar product at LittleLong Studios, but the lighting was doing it no justice. They reached out to Pilot Electric Services for help and we happily obliged.

LED Track Lighting - Penticton Electrician | Pilot Electric

So, My Naramata Commercial Business Lighting Sucks… Now What Do I Do?

Firstly, don’t feel bad, you’re not alone. Bad, inefficient lighting is rampant in both the residential electrical and commercial electrical worlds alike. Fortunately, the solution may be simpler than you think – call your local Penticton Electrician at Pilot Electric of course! Seriously though, Pilot Electric has expertise in both commercial and residential lighting layout, design and installations, and we’re here to help.  After our initial consultation with LittleLong Studios, and with less than a week before their Grand Opening, we were determined to help them find a solution. Clean, modern efficient LED track lighting was the answer, installed quickly and expertly by our skilled electricians, and all in time for opening night!

LED Track Lighting - Penticton Electrician | Pilot Electric

If you have a commercial or residential electrical lighting problem in the Okanagan, or want some ideas on how LED lighting might benefit you, call Pilot Electric Services at 250-496-0003. In Penticton, Naramata & the surrounding area, we will assess your space and get you back on the flight path to lower electrical bills and better visibility!

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