Why Choose Us

Pilot provides a safe and enjoyable customer experience—to the destination of your choosing! We offer multiple options, and deliver a top-quality service that fits your needs. Our professional technicians are respectful of your home, offering upfront pricing and time line for your project. Read our honest pricing pledge.

We take pride in small jobs

Our competition focuses on the bigger stuff while the little customer jobs take the back seat.

At Pilot, we treat all jobs as priority because we treat all our customers as a priority.

In fact, it’s a tenet of ours and one of our core values…that we put people before money.

Regardless of how big or how small the project, Pilot delivers the same exceptional service and care to every single customer. Period.

We give upfront pricing on 100% of all our jobs

Our customers work hard for their money and we respect that.

They also want to know the total cost upfront BEFORE the work begins.

No extras, truck charges, administrative fees or any other hidden costs.

The number you see upfront, is what you’ll pay.

We won’t so much as change a light bulb without giving a price and getting your consent first.

If we can’t give a fixed price, we won’t do the job. Read our Honest Pricing Pledge.

100% customer satisfaction money back guarantee

That’s right…you heard us correctly. We love serving our customers and want each one of them to love the service we provide.

If you’re not 100% satisfied with our service, we’ll do whatever it takes to make you 100% satisfied…even if it means giving you your money back!

We’d rather do the job for free than leave behind an unhappy customer. But don’t take our word for it, just check out our Testimonials section to see all the great things our very special customers have to say about us!

Pilot Electric Services: We put people FIRST!

We give our customers choices, not orders

Many contractors can’t keep their opinions to themselves and will tell a customer what to do instead of listening to what the customer wants. “You have to do it THIS way! Nope. Can’t do it like THAT!

At Pilot, we think differently. Instead of orders, we give our customers a whole range options. From the most premium solutions down to the most economical; we simply lay out all the possibilities and let our customers choose what’s best for THEM!

At Pilot Electric, we ask and we listen.

We are just nice to be around!

This might not seem like much, but consider what could otherwise happen all too easily when you hire an electrician: stinky, unkempt, rude technicians who curse like sailors while they blast offensive music in your ear.

Not so at Pilot Electric!

When you hire a Pilot Electric Professional Service Technician, that’s exactly what you get…a true professional.

Our technicians are so polite; they won’t so much as fill their water bottle from your outside tap without asking first.

Give us a call and experience the service you’ve been missing!

We treat your home with respect

Ever hear stories like this, “Sure they did the job and all, but what a MESS they left us to clean up! There was drywall dust and garbage everywhere!”?

At Pilot Electric Services, we follow the Golden Rule and respect your home as if it were our own.

We have a strict “Leave No Trace” policy and commit to leaving every job as clean or cleaner than we found it.

The only thing we will ever leave behind is a great job and a happy customer!

You’re not just a customer, you’re family

At Pilot, we work very hard to connect with our customers and keep them coming back.

The level of service and after care we provide is unprecedented in our industry.

No hit and run tactics here, Pilot wants you to be with us for life.

We want you to want us back!

Book your next appointment with Pilot Electric and find out why so many of our customers simply wouldn’t use anyone else…ever!

Our employees love what they do!

At Pilot, we think differently and we see our workers not as expendable commodities, but as real people like you.

We work hard to treat them like family, because we believe great companies are built on great people, both employees and customers alike.

Our employees are loyal to us and our customers because we are loyal to our employees.

We’re not the best? Say what?!?

Are you crazy, what company would ever admit that?!?

Truth be told, no one company has it all figured out.

Sure, we may be the experts in residential & commercial customer service, but we’re not so arrogant to think we couldn’t do better.

Another core value of Pilot Electric is that we can ALWAYS do better and we do.

Companies that claim to be the best are providing an empty promise.

It’s a nice way of saying “We’re Good Enough!”

Let them claim to be the “BEST,” we focus on always being better.

Pilot Electric: because better never stops.

The Pilot Electric Honest Pricing Pledge

  1. We pledge to price all jobs 100% upfront with NO hidden costs or fees. Period.
  2. We pledge to always offer a variety of solutions to fit every budget NOT just a single “take-it-or-leave-it” price.
  3. We pledge NOT to upsell or pressure anyone but will provide answers and information so customers can make informed decisions.

Passionate electricians. Precise services. Pilot results.

“Robin was here yesterday (April 5th, 2018) to install a new built-in electric cooktop stove and to do two other small electric jobs. I have to say at the outset that I am not normally given to submitting testimonials. But I felt compelled given the outstanding service that Pilot Electric provided, to write this one. I was more than satisfied with both the work done and the manner in which it was accomplished. He was polite professional and very efficient and I would not hesitate to engage his services again.”
"Robin and the team at Pilot Electric exuded expertise, professionalism, reliability, prompt service and a positive attitude. They made the renovation of our entire house an A+ experience.  As issues arose they explained them clearly and provided effective resolutions.... keeping our project on time and budget... what more can you ask!"
"Robin at Pilot Electric Services was recommended to us a number of years ago when we were doing some renovations to our vacation home in Naramata. Since then, we have been very happy with Pilots expertise and service. Prior to us moving up to our home, we had a couple of small emergencies that needed attending to in a timely manner. Robin and Pilot Electric were always there for us, which gave us peace of mind!  We will continue to call upon Pilot Electric for anything that comes up in the future."
"Our home in Summerland had old aluminum wiring and we were in need of some serious Electrical upgrades throughout the house. We needed Pig Tailing done throughout as well as a new upgraded panel and the installation of some fixtures. This electrical work was something we were not looking forward to because of the cost, time and how invasive it would be to our living space. We had Pilot Electric do a hot tub installation 5 years before and were pleased with their work so we decided to go with them again. We expected this work would be a big headache. Instead, Robin and his crew were focused, hard working and efficient. They were reliable and courteous as they worked their way through our entire house. With no hesitation we highly recommend Robin and Pilot Electric. Trust is an important thing when you hire someone. If we were to give a Star Rating, 1 Star being the Worst and 5 Stars being the Best We would give Robin a 6 Top Notch In Every Way !!!"
"Robin at Pilot Electric came to me through a close friends recommendation. They fit my work into their busy schedule when I was under a time crunch.  They assessed the old house, told me what was needed, and completed the work in a timely manner. The electrician Pilot sent me was both professional and pleasant to work with. I have no hesitation in recommending Robin and Pilot Electric."
"Pilot Electric rescued us when our new house was nearing completion and had serious electrical issues. It made us realize that if we had started with them we would now have switches and outlets in logical places, lights that worked and nothing requiring retrofitting.  We highly recommend this firm."
"We would like to say how pleased we have been with Pilot Electric. Having recently moved here from Ontario (not knowing any local tradesmen) and faced with a house renovation, we have had Pilot in numerous times and have always relied on their advice and been extremely happy with the results. We wouldn't think of asking anyone else to do our electrical."